Welcome to Anything Will Do

We are a Non Profit Organisation with a difference, currently fighting against COVID–19 and successfully running eight programs to help the less fortunate ones during the pandemic.

During the Lockdown 1.0 we were more focused on providing Ration (groceries), generating eRation cards, feeding strays, providing milk to infants and children, providing hygiene related necessities like masks, hand wash sanitizers and sanitary pads to poor and needy. Few of our projects targeted at resettling people post the first lockdown. We took care of educational needs like school admissions, fees and books, resolving administrative matters and issues related to any sort of paperwork. Most importantly we helped by training people and providing employment to them.

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Our Initiatives


“Our Dream - No One Sleeps Hungry

This initiative is to help needy people who find it difficult to make their ends meet and cannot even manage to arrange the basic necessities like food for their families. We distribute dry ration as well as cooked food to the underprivileged section



“Our Promise to a Child to Have a Day- Milky Way

Children from underprivileged families, up to the age of 5, are provided free milk. Under this program we make advance monthly payment to milk booths and the owners maintain a record of the registered children in their log books. Each verified child can take milk from their nearest booth daily.



“Animals Do Speak, But The Question Is Can We Hear Them?

Every living species matters. This project is based on the beautiful concept that helps us to reach the species who cannot reach us. Our aim is to reach the right place, at the right time and save lives. We feed abandoned animals, provide medical facility



“Health is Wealth

This is an initiative to create and spread awareness about basic hygiene especially during the difficult phase of COVID pandemic. Under this project we counsel people about the importance of clean surroundings, personal hygiene and maintaining social distancing to ensure safety



“Your Skills Can Change Someone’s Life

Under this project we help people who are facing professional challenges as their jobs have been impacted by the pandemic. Our highly skilled volunteers from varied backgrounds are contributing by providing free professional help and advice to people



Education is the Way Forward

Each one teaches one. This is an initiative that strongly believes that age is not a limit for those who are willing to teach or learn. Each one of us can educate so many around us; we can either teach children or help them get an education.



Bridging the Gap between Problem and Solution

Each and every member of Anything Will Do can uplift at least one life. This program is a one stop-shop-solution for all administrative and documentation related issues.



Use Your Networking in Favour of Mankind

Our volunteers are tapping their resources and network to provide employment to people who lost their jobs due to COVID related shortage in the job market.


Recent Events

Sanjeev Sarna

The Role Ayurveda Can Play In Your Life by Sh. Sanjeev Sarna Ji

#AnythingWillDo #PROJECTpro "The Role Ayurveda Can Play In Your Life by Spiritual Traveller & Healer Sh. Sanjeev Sarna Ji. Founder of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Company Teachers Grace. The makers of Wrica Immunity Booster and Cinta Joint Pain Relief Oil. This event is organised to create awareness about immunity under #PROJECTpro campaign of Anything Will Do (AWDORG Foundation)

Wednesday 2nd June 2021 From 7 PM
Online Event

“Because you have a desire to donate or volunteer, we will help you fulfill it”

Let’s come together and support an honourable and noble cause. You can contribute in cash or in kind by choosing from our running campaigns.

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Indian Redcross Society
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