Ek Chaadar, Meri Bhi...

The title must be sounding like a cliché, daily soap or a vivid documentary for woman or womanhood. Well; you are there, almost! This time however, it is about catering above and beyond in fact much more than the usual issues you have heard of. This time it is about an imperative solution.

Often, we have read and thought of finding a substitute to the mammoth of plastic, haven’t we? But still we haven’t been able to eradicate or found a solution for replacing plastic. The concept of ‘ Carry your own bag ’ is yet to be imbibed in our country. So, we end up paying those extra bucks at many stores to buy the paper bags and fusing bags alternatively. What if this purchase adds up to a cause? The cause of reducing plastic; along with helping uplift the underprivileged.

How can I contribute? What is it that I can do? How many times we have thought, literally and seriously on helping the underprivileged, doing our steps to eradicate poverty and creating job opportunities? Here is your chance to do it.

You can do with your Bedsheets. Yes, you read it right. What is a used bedsheet for us? One of the most important home décors essential or necessity for most of city households and we buy them more often than we discard the old ones. This leads to a massive collection of the old, now unused bedsheets, adding up to the carbon footprint. Here is a chance to recycle them into something meaningful and useful; apart from the dusters and the mops you have made out of them. It’s time to act as an environmentalist. Needless to say, Covid 19 has made all of us understand the importance of being kind to nature or in simple terms being sensible. Because, when the nature gets angry, we run for survival.

You just have to call us at the dedicated helpline number 9811301101 . What will we do? Anything will Do ; will take your old bedsheets, give it to a group of women who will make them into bags (one double bed bedsheet can make 20 bags). These bags will be given free to individuals and stores, where they will be a replacement to the plastic bags. They will be available free of cost; hence people won’t mind taking it. This in return will create job prospect for many underprivileged women. Along with it, this will also be a great chance for corporates to do their branding, prodigious way to showcase their corporate social responsibility. Ek chaadar meri bhi is an initiative to empower women, please donate bedsheets and funding for raw material as well as for wages for underprivileged to create bags for use.


You donate the bedsheet.


Taken for sanitization, washing and dry-cleaning.


The unprivileged but trained women tailours collect these bedsheets and make shopping bags.


The shopping bags will be sold in department stores, shopping malls and other establishments.


The unprivileged women and their family are supported financial by Anythingwilldo

"To Contribute or Donate Now!"

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Account Name: AWDORG Foundation
Account No: 39744031467
IFSC Code: SBIN0004449
Branch: Sushant Lok – 1, Gurgaon
Paypal Info@anythingwilldo.org
PayTM Number: 9811301101
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