Changing lives

The deadly pandemic brought life to a standstill for many. While some were extremely fortunate to have a roof on their head and the company of their loved ones, there are some who had to fight for survival with each passing day. The haplessness of these communities was given the attention it deserved by many social media initiatives and NGOs......

June 29, 2020

Creating Values

A lot of tailors lost their livelihood in the pandemic. An initiative called Ek Chadar Meri Bhi by Delhi-based social activist Charanjeet Dhiman urges you to donate bed sheets to these tailors who will turn them into shopping bags which will also reduce carbon footprint. These bags will be sold to stores and will be available at a very.....

"Lets break the rules of nonprofit industry & do some real humane' work! Everyone wants a baby no one wants to go through labour pain, charity work is also like that….no one wants to really work hard and face challenges, but they want to fancy over social media. Charity doesn't start from home, it starts within your own self"

Charanjeet Dhiman, a Delhi-based creative director is a Covid-19 warrior. He has started a Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) - Anything Will Do. Read on to know about how he is helping in this tough times of Covid-19 crisis.