It is 9 AM on day 3 of lockdown I get a distress call from Kapil, the mason who was helping out with the renovation of my house. He called to ask for help, as he is going through a tough time. Due to the lockdown, he is unable to provide even the basic necessities of food and groceries to his family.

After consoling him and enquiring about the number of family members; their age and requirements, sent him to the nearest grocery shop. Spoke to the shopkeeper over phone and ordered basic groceries like – flour, rice, pulses, oil and basic spices for them. We made the payment to the shopkeeper through Paytm.

Upon further enquiry we realised that some people who do not even have a ration card, due to which they are facing major difficulties.

We submitted their form online and helped to generate their eRation card .Now they are able to go to the nearest government authorised ration centre and get ration o feed their families. Along with this we also inform the local municipal authorities about these people in order to ensure continuous supply of ration to them during this crisis.


While dealing with people with grocery requirements, we came across few very poor and needy families who were unable to provide milk to their children.

Two and a half year old baby Naaz was hungry and craving for milk when one of our volunteers was helping out her family with ration.

We took them to the nearest Mother Dairy booth, got a monthly card made for the child and paid the entire months’ milk charges to the milk booth owner for providing half litre of milk for the child.

We are now providing half litre milk per day per child to many families in their neighbourhood.

There are some cases like that of 1 year old Rohit whose family lives in a remote area where there is no milk booth close by. For such children we provide Lactogen milk (baby milk powder) and powder milk packs that can be substituted for fresh milk.


While commuting from one place to another for helping out the needy, we saw many hungry stray dogs and other animals like cows and cats on the streets.

We have been feeding many animals for the past one month, one day a camel was wandering around on the roads and we gave him water and food.

We carry bread, biscuits, milk and water and earthen bowls for water for these animals and drive around the city to feed them.

One day we came across a dog who was lying in the middle of the road covered in blood as he was hurt on his leg and him to a veterinary doc for dressing. Now we carry a basic first aid kit for the animals in our vehicles so that we can provide emergency care to them.


Under this project we have helped a lot of people who were facing professional challenges to boost up their skills.

Rakesh was the best trainer in his company and conducted many sessions for his organisation. Due to the lockdown he not only lost his job but also his confidence.

Our online session on How to Speak on Camera, brought back his confidence and helped him upgrade his skills. He is now earning his livelihood by conducting online training sessions.

These online workshops by Professional volunteers are motivating a lot of individuals to enhance their skills in these difficult times.

We have conducted 29 online event so far.


The idea for launching our latest initiative came into being when we saw the unhygienic conditions people were living in.

During our field trips while volunteering for our other projects we visited many areas where basic hygiene was a major issue. We saw people urinating on roads, eating food without washing hands and staying in close proximity in unhygienic surroundings.

We have counselled over 100 people about importance of hygiene and provided hand wash, sanitizers, face masks and even sanitary napkins to around 155 under privileged women and girls in remote areas.

On 14th May 2020, around 9 PM our founder was driving back home after a long day of helping and serving the needy. When he was close to Aravali International School on Surajkund Road, he spotted a huge group of about 200 pedestrians walking slowly in the dark. He stopped to enquire where they were headed and got to know that they started walking from Bhiwadi towards their hometowns in various parts of India, and had covered 80 kms so far.

This group of 35 females 92 males 73 kids and 2 dogs were hungry and tired. So one volunteer from our team very quickly arranged 50 food packets and for rest of them food was arranged by Anything Will Do Inc.'s charity bank, which we call our piggie bank. We such satisfaction by feeding these poor , hungry souls.